How to Sell a Workout

One of the best parts about being a fitness creator is providing a direct, positive impact on people’s lives. Thanks to the age of the internet, you can extend your expertise anywhere in the world by selling your workout routines online. 

Fortunately, Koji makes it easy for anyone to sell customized exercise routines. Below, we’ll show you exactly how to start selling your workouts so that you can start earning. 

how to sell workout routines

What Is Sell A Workout

You don’t need an overbuilt website or expensive subscription service to start selling your own workouts or fitness video courses. Instead, you can use Kojis to create a fitness storefront in minutes. Kojis are free to set up and easy to configure and customize. Plus, they’re built to connect seamlessly with your social media platforms, so that your followers can directly purchase your workouts and fitness courses in seconds. 

The Sell A Workout template is designed to monetize your exercise routine, allowing you to sell step-by-step routines with custom photos and videos at a price of your choosing. Each template comes with a shareable link which can be placed in a link in bio – Koji has a free one you can use –  directly in a story or reel, or on a landing page. Anywhere a link can go, Koji can go! (Koji links can also be placed in the real world – more on that further down.)

What Is A Koji?

A Koji is a type of interactive media that can help you sell your products, downloads, services or premium content. To create a Koji, simply select a template and customize before sharing the unique URL on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, or anywhere else!
start selling workouts with koji

How To Start Selling Your Workouts 

Are you ready to start selling your own workouts? Follow these steps to start monetizing your exercise routines: 

1. Build Your Workout

To start, craft a workout routine that aligns with your personal brand. What differentiates your workout routines from the rest? Here are some sample exercise routine ideas to spark some inspiration:

  • Daily Core Strengthening
  • No Gym Needed
  • Prepare For A Marathon In 60 Days
  • Building Your Bodyweight For Beginners
  • Fun And Fit: Dancing Your Way To A Stronger Body

Your workout routine should include photos or videos of each exercise, with written steps to guide your customers through the routine. After you’ve created your routine, test it out with a couple of friends to make sure they can successfully navigate your workout. 

2. Configure The Sell A Workout Koji

Now that you’ve built your workout routine, it’s time to start selling! Go ahead and select the Sell A Workout template on Koji and click “Configure”. From there, you’re free to add your description for each routine step, add photos or videos, and set your price for customers. 

creating a workout routine to sell
selling your exercise routines

3. Share To Sell 

Once you’ve added all of your details to your Koji template, you’re ready to sell it on platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. After clicking save, a pop-up will appear with your unique link to share to socials. This link is used to access your shop and can also be housed within a link in bio

sharing your workout on Koji

How To Promote Sell A Workout 

You’ve successfully built a storefront for your workout routines, congratulations! It’s time to start selling. Here are a couple of strategies to help you build your business: 

Share On Socials 

Sharing your Koji storefronts is easy! On Instagram, share a video or image of your workout, with the title of the workout and a direct link to the workout storefont. On TikTok, point users to your Koji link in bio after sharing a story behind your routine. Building an engaged community behind your products is key to being a successful seller. 

Use Client Testimonials

Have any of your clients seen success from using your routines? Be sure to share their stories (pending their permission) to advertise your workout storefront. Nothing speaks louder than results. Be sure to interact and share any reviews created by your clients.  

Post written reviews on your social feed, and ask your best clients (and friends and family who’ve tested your routines!) if they’re open to recording a quick testimonial for your social platforms. 

promoting your fitness business

Advertise IRL 

Do you teach in-person classes? Help your customers continue their workouts at home, or assign “homework” for long-term clients! Each template comes with its own QR code that you can print out and share with potential clients IRL. 

For instance, you could use a Canva template like this one to build a flyer to showcase in your group classes.

Grab your unique QR code from your Koji and include it in your poster to lead your class devotees directly to your online exercise storefront:

sharing on koji
sharing your fitness business

Build Your Social Strategy Around Your Analytics 

The Koji Dashboard is your one-stop shop for real-time analytics showcasing your views, traffic sources, and top customers broken down by template. Use these insights regularly to track conversions from your content to sales.  

Use your analytics to drive creation decisions behind producing different workout series, and experimenting with other content formats like crafting training planners or step-by-step routine PDFs. 

Selling your workout routines is a great way to expand your business, deepen your product offering for current clients, and connect with more fitness enthusiasts. Have fun sharing your favorite routines and training series with your clients! 

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