Seven Organizations Using Koji to Grow Their Brand

The online advertising space is getting crowded. Marketing professionals call it the “Adpocalypse.” Everywhere you turn, you run into paid, promotional advertising in the form of social media posts on Facebook and Twitter, or content that auto-plays at the beginning of a YouTube video. It’s hard to escape passive marketing efforts. Your potential customers are left with one of two options: wait for the “Skip ad” button to appear or endure the entire promotional spot.

That’s why customer engagement is so important. Instead of forcing the viewer into a passive relationship, it pays to put them in the driver’s seat and let them engage with your ads. Advergames, or social media-based mini-games that feature marketing or branding elements, are proven to radically increase both your brand awareness and your click-through rate. Koji Games’ advergames can help you avoid the so-called adpocalypse, driving your brand’s success into uncharted territory in the meantime.

Don’t take our word for it though. Here are seven companies that are killing it with Koji Games.

Major Corporations

Some of the biggest, most far-reaching brands in the world have begun using Koji apps to augment their marketing efforts. We’ve had nothing but success helping a number of major fast-food brands and other household names further penetrate their core demographics.

Burger King

Our greatest success story is Burger King. Earlier this year, Burger King launched an ad campaign that featured a time-lapse photo of a Whopper as it decomposed. It was a brave marketing campaign designed to show that their burgers used fewer preservatives than the competition and were healthier as a result. The ad campaign itself got mixed reviews from the public, but it served as an imaginative departure from typical fast-food ads with their impossibly juicy looking specialties prominently displayed.

To complement the marketing campaign, Burger King used the Koji Games platform to create a playable advertisement called, “Say No to Preservatives,” which they then shared to their Twitter account. After playing the game, players have the option of being routed hereto learn more about the effects of preservatives. To date, it is one of our platform’s most remixed and viewed interactives, proving the power of customer engagement and education over passive reception.


Not one to be outdone by the competition, McDonald’s soon entered the world of interactive social media with a game entitled “Big Mac Stack,” created by Koji Games user Luis for use on the restaurant chain’s social media accounts. The game plays out like the popular “Cut the Rope” android app except with Big Macs. Upon completion, the app gives users the option to enter an email address to join the leaderboards, giving the fast-food giant a new inroad in terms of marketing and direct response.


Add international soap and cleaning product manufacturer Lux to the growing list of major companies effectively using Koji Games to increase their brand’s reach over social media. Lux began in America at the turn of the twentieth century and is now the most popular brands of soap in places like Brazil and Thailand. Their Game, “Practice Good Hygiene to Stay Safe” helps promote hygiene practices on an international level given the current crisis.

Social Branding

Not everyone that uses Koji Games is a mega-sized corporation. Different social and political subsets are doing awesome things with the platform while helping skyrocket their brand awareness.

Political advertisements

We all know that this November the United States is headed into one of the most contentious presidential elections in modern history. Smart campaign managers have been hard at work looking for new and inventive ways to engage key demographics and get them out to the polls this fall. With social media such an integral part of our political life nowadays, interactive Koji Games provide the perfect opportunity to engage normally passive voters as they browse Facebook and Twitter.

Every campaign from Bernie Sanders, to Mike Bloomberg, to Elizabeth Warren, have tried to tap into the power of social media marketing to engage voters, especially the younger demographic that may be less inclined to vote.

Social media Influencers

On the other end of the spectrum are social media influencers. Influencers use social media avenues such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to promote products, ideas, and trends based on their own personalities, charisma, and opinions. No group has more widely or successfully used Koji Games to further their collective brand than social media influencers.

Internationally-known names like YouTube streamers Sini27, Diego, Endritmaps, BeastBoyShub, IntelPlayz or 15-year-old programming prodigy/ content creator Stronbol are all killing it using Koji to make games centered on their own personal brand. Even musicians like Sivan Karim and Miss Bee have focused their name and talent into their own interactive games. As the platform picks up steam, expect many more prominent influencers to leverage their names into interactive branding in the future.

Community Campaigns

Koji Games lets users create and contribute to larger campaigns. Each individual user-made interactive can be submitted to an overarching campaign with a monetary or social awareness goal attached to it.

The United Nations

In the face of the current international crisis, Koji Games has partnered with the United Nations to help spread awareness about COVID-19, especially good hygiene practices. Not everything is about financial gain with our platform. This campaign helps with the overall health of your community while giving content creators a way to monetize their creativity as they practice social distancing. It’s a win-win.


Let’s not forget about our educators. When schools shut down across America in early March, Koji Games and its legion of content creators jumped into action helping to provide resources to parents and teachers across the country. While they may not be a large corporate brand or a famous media influencer, teachers all over North America are using Koji Games to connect with their students, helping to extend their reach and engagement further than ever before.

Putting your customers in the driver’s seat

Koji Games is rapidly expanding to become the leading platform for creating interactive advertisements that are shareable over social media. The posts that your company creates through the Koji site can be shared on just about every social media app, using desktop, tablet, or a mobile device. Countless companies, organizations, social groups, and individuals have already discovered the power of creating and monetizing apps with Koji Games. Check out our handy how-tos and blog to get started with your own personalized app today.

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